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My Lucky Night - sent in by AD

This story is true, it happened to me a few years ago and I thought I’d write some of it down, I have cut to the chase but basically it all started with my girlfriend and her best friend having a conversation about sex with me in a pub, the following was the outcome. Names have been change to protect the innocent, or should I say the down right horny.
Kathy and Melissa ran up the stairs, I wasn’t too far behind them, they started to undress and I could see the difference in their figures, Kathy I would describe as voluptuous with rounded hips large breasts and an arse to die for. Melissa had more of an hourglass figure, with rounded hips and smaller breasts.
Once naked they slid into our bed, they seemed to be a little shy, even though being best friends I’m sure they had seen each other naked lots of times. I suppose this was different though, I pulled my clothes off and clambered up the middle of the bed and slid under the covers between them. I looked at my girlfriend Kathy and said, ‘where shall we start?’ she said ‘seeing as Melissa is our guest we should start on her’.
We moved around So Melissa was between us, I started kissing her full on her mouth and Kathy started nibbling at her ear then worked her way around so all three of us were sharing a kiss as our tongues mingled together. I pushed the covers down and started licking my way down Melissa’s neck and onto her chest, I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and started nibbling it, then moved to the other, Kathy carried on kissing her.
I worked my way further down her body sliding the covers back as I did so. I pushed her legs apart and sank onto my elbows between her legs and looked at her gorgeous pussy. I couldn’t resist, I spread her pussy with my fingers and slid my tongue into her, she tasted gorgeous and judging by her wetness she was getting really turned on.
I looked up to see Kathy sucking and nibbling on Melissa’s nipples, then she worked her way across Melissa’s belly down towards me, I couldn’t believe I was going to see Kathy go down on her best friend, she pushed my head out of the way and sank her tongue into Melissa’s soaking pussy. At the other end of the bed Melissa had moved into a position where she could return Kathy’s gesture, they forgot I was there I think as they concentrated on each other’s pussies. I have to admit I just sat back and watched.
They rolled over so now Kathy was underneath, she took her mouth from Melissa’s pussy, looked at me and said ‘well? I think it’s about time you joined in, I would love to see you fuck her from here’. I didn’t have to be asked twice, I got my knees behind Melissa, I looked down to position my cock and was looking at my girlfriend saying ‘Go on fuck her’ I slid my cock into Melissa and I could feel Kathy’s tongue flicking around my shaft as I did so.
I used long slow strokes so Kathy could lick both of us. I think Melissa must have started sucking a lot harder on Kathy because both of them were starting to moan.
I could have come there and then but decided I wanted this night to last long as possible, when I came close to coming inside Melissa I stopped and stayed perfectly still, it was hard work because I could feel Melissa’s pussy trying to milk my cock and Kathy’s tongue was flicking at my balls.
I slipped my cock out of Melissa’s cunt and pointed it downwards so Kathy could wrap her lips around it, I think she liked tasting her friends pussy on it judging by the way she sucked me, I slipped it out of her mouth and pushed it back into Melissa’s cunt, several deep strokes later I had to stop again, my cock was very close to emptying it’s load into Melissa’s belly.
I decided to join in with their licking so I could calm down a bit, Kathy was flicking Melissa’s clit with her tongue so I spread Melissa’s pussy and pushed my tongue straight in, she was now absolutely soaking and I spread her pussy juice around with my tongue, then I slid my tongue upwards and started tickling her arse hole. I don’t think anyone had ever done this to her before but judging by the noises she was making I think she liked it.
After a while they rolled over again so I swapped ends and was now helping Melissa lick Kathy, then I got on my knees and pushed my cock into my horny girlfriend and started fucking her slowly with a long deep strokes. They managed to come almost simultaneously; I on the other hand was still holding back, I still wasn’t sure which one of the sexy ladies I wanted to fill.
For a while all three of us just laid-back on the bed to relax, we didn’t stop completely though, just spent some time stroking one another. The main feeling I had at this point was that I had died and gone to heaven.
When they had got their strength back I was told to lay on my back in the middle of the bed, they started licking at my cock and were taking it in turns to wrap their lips around the head. The feeling of two tongues sliding up and down my shaft was another highlight. When they stopped doing this Kathy got on my lap and took my cock all the way into her, Melissa put a leg either side of my head and lowered her pussy over my mouth, as I pushed my tongue into her she started grinding herself into my face, I was having a bit of trouble breathing but I didn’t really care.
Kathy meanwhile had started to ride me, because they were facing each other I think they were kissing and playing with each other’s tits. After a while they swapped around so I had Melissa riding my cock and Kathy’s pussy in my face, Kathy asked if I was going to come soon, I couldn’t speak so just nodded. Melissa saw this and started riding me harder.
I think it was their original plan for me to come inside Melissa. I couldn’t hold out any longer, my balls tightened and my cock exploded into her belly, at the same time I managed to get more of my tongue into Kathy than I had ever done before. Once I had stopped convulsing Kathy lifted her pussy away from my face, Melissa started to lift herself off me and leaned backwards, to my delight Kathy went down and started licking my cock and Melissa’s pussy as we pulled apart, when my cock popped out she spread Melissa’s pussy to lick at my come which started dribbling out.
The night didn’t end there I can assure you, I could go on but I will leave the rest to your imagination.
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